August 07, 2019

Blockchain Smart Contract Developers – Tricks

Blockchain smart contract developers have changed from a passion project to a viable and well-paid career. Now that big business has caught on to the countless applications and usefulness of blockchain.

These few expert blockchainSmart Contract Developers are fiercely sought after by companies who are finally jumping on the bandwagon and trying to integrate the technology into their services.

The rapid rise of blockchain has created a skills shortage

As demand far outstrips the number of talented and experienced individuals who can undertake the tasks that companies are working on.

Because of this, it's extremely difficult for a business to find the precise blockchain developer for their requirements. It's a great time for blockchain developers because they are finally able to command a high fee after years of developing their skills on something that was once just a passion.

Hiring these sought-after individuals is proving incredibly challenging for both start-ups and established companies.

Till recently, blockchain technology was just a fringe-technology explored by a small but very enthusiastic community. Because of this, all blockchain developers tend to be different from other employees. Their unique situations mean that HR needs to try new tactics in order to find the finest blockchain developers.

How to Hire a reliable Blockchain Developer

Think throughout the different aspects of your company, also the type of blockchain project you are embarking on.

1: Are you a start-up or a big corporation?

2: What is your company culture like?

3: Would a blockchain developer be enthusiastic to be part of your project?

There are many aspects that will affect what kind of developer you will hire, like the type of project, its length, the number of people you require, whether you need experts in the field or just enthusiastic individuals whose skills you can develop. Hence, It might even be better to outsource the project to a professional blockchain development firm, or even this collaboration between ConsenSysand Microsoft. Outsourcing can relieve you from the hiring burden and let your company focus more on its core services.

The individual characteristics will act as a filter for those who want to be part of your project.

It will also affect what you will have to offer them in order to get them on-board. If your project appeals to the blockchain developer's mindset, you will probably find it much easier to find the exact staff.

Understanding the Blockchain Developers

Good blockchain developers can be very different from the other workforce, even those in the IT sectors. Hence, This is because the blockchain technology was a foreigner interest that has only just initiated to have a real commercial influence in the last few years. As a result, the best and most experienced developers tend to be in it for their passion, while other strong candidates are entering the industry because they realize great opportunities in blockchain technology.

The early Bitcoin and blockchain enthusiasts were brought together by a shared visualization for the future. Hence, focusing on the decentralization and the cryptography instead of other traditional financial means. Because of this, there are many strong ideological forces in the blockchain community that sways frequently into the realms of anarchism and libertarianism.

Companies require respecting these attitudes if they want to attract the finest people for their positions.

They need to realize that this makes certain projects very easier to get off the ground than others. A crypto-anarchist might greatly be interested in a project that aims to bring about enhancements to democracy in the developing world, then a project that aims at cutting the costs in the banking sector.

The blockchain community is a broad church with its fair shares of conservative and techno-capitalists as well. There are countless excellent blockchain developers who see the technology purely for its effectiveness and have developed their skills in order to make money or to help in advancing our society.

The most important thing for business searching to hire a blockchain developer is that they hire someone with a background that fits exactly within their company goals and culture. Hence, The wrong developer can result in an unproductive working relationship.

Look in the Right Places

How does your company usually look for candidates–job ads? LinkedIn?

Throw out the traditional methods, because they aren't going to be very effective in finding the perfect developer. Hence, you can stand on the roof and yell out. Hence, 'Looking to hire an experienced blockchain developer,' but the odds are that the great candidates would not be within shouting range. They possibly are not looking at traditional job boards either–those with in-demand skills do not need to.

If you opt to find a decent developer

You should look for them in their natural habitats. Because of the nature of the blockchain development, many of them have numerous projects on the go and are not actively seeking out any new work. Hence, That does not mean that they would not be interested if the right opportunity comes into their peripherals.

The blockchain community is closely connected and many of the finest developers and thought leaders are continuously engaging with each other to keep up on the newest projects and news. Hence, These meeting places are where the wise hiring manager should look for them, whether they are just online discussion groups or real-life meeting places.

How to Hire a blockchain Smart Contract Developers

Once you have uncovered their hiding place, you will discover blockchain developers scurrying around between projects like beetles. Now it's time for you to pounce on them. Hence, What you have to keep in mind is that they are in demand. They are highly skilled and have many other recruiters chasing them with sweet deals. The ball is in their court.

Your first option is to grovel, beg and plead for them to work with you. But this might not always work. Hence, As was stated above, the blockchain developers are often a very different kind of workers. With distinctive skills, habits, and lifestyles. You need to learn how you can tempt them into working with you.


Unless they got into the Bitcoin in the very early days and are now comfy millionaires. The money will be one of the biggest inspiring factors. The best developers are commanding a high fee. Hence, and if you want a highly skilled person. You need to be willing to match what your competitors are offering.

Blockchain Smart Contract Developers Lifestyle:

A lot of blockchain developers are not your typical 9-5 years. so if you are not prepared to be flexible. Your position may stay empty for a long time. Unless you are in a big cosmopolitan city. Hence, you may need to cast your net wider because the precise talent might not be close by. Your company should consider whether the position can be. Hence, filled by a remote worker and come up with ways on how to accommodate them into your operations. The Blockchain developers may also want to set their own schedules. Have more frequent days off and have access to other special rights.

Blockchain Smart Contract Developers Opportunities:

If you are very lucky then your project might be exactly what some blockchain developers are considering to work on. This is the case, it should be relatively easy to entice them into your office. Hence, Then you will need to figure out some other ways to inspire them to contribute to your company. This can include giving them more autonomy and freedom to follow projects of their own. Other bribes can include opportunities for them to progress their career, like further education and sending them to different conferences.

How to Hold on to Your Blockchain Developer

You can't relax once you have found the right candidate. They are in such high demand that you really need to look after your developers if you want to keep them.

This includes providing them a satisfying work environment; pay raises in-line with the markets and the possibilities. Hence, for career progression. If they aren't happy and don't see a future for themselves at your company, it won't be long before another offer comes and snaps them up.

Unluckily, like any skill that is in demand, it's not easy to find the exact person, and you may have to offer more to attract them.

Hence, Blockchain developers are in such great demand because companies are only now realizing the value that lies in blockchain technology. As everyone swarms to get their piece of the pie, you don't want to be left behind by the competition. Be prepared to offer the developer a handsome package if you want to make the most of the blockchain boom.